If you need to see the images closer up, right click and select, "open image in new tab," - you can zoom in/out to see all details

steps 1 + 2


  • Order
    • Job 1 (poster)
    • Job 2 (bw prints)
So: Order > Jobs


Step 1:

Along the top you should see a thin banner that says, "Sign in or Register"

If you already have an account with us, please skip to Step 3 after you have logged in

Step 2:

Please fill out your information, the mandatory fields are marked with a dot, the rest is up to you and what you'd like to let us know 

Steps 3 + 4 + 5

Step 3:

Navigate back to the home page, you can click on the QDP logo in the upper left corner. Once there, along the navigation banner, hover over "My Account," this should show a drop down menu, please select, "Upload Files," 

Step 4:

On this screen you will upload the files pertaning to your order/ jobs. 

Please notice there are two options, if you already have a file browsing window open, you can drag and drop in the space outlined, option 1. If you would like to open a file browsing window, please click, "select files," and this should promp a window showing your device's files.

Step 5: 

Please wait for your files to upload, the blue status bar will show the progress. 

Optional step:

If you are uploading multiple jobs and would like to specify details that we do not ask on our order specifications area, please select, "add notes," and provide us any details you believe are necessary. For example, Customer A will be uploading two files, File Circle and File Square. Customer A needs File Circle before the end of the week, but they do not need File Square until next Wednesday. Customer A specifies these details which QDP will read when reviewing the order. 

Please note, you will be able to add, remove or change notes in the future as well. 

If you are nervous you may have provided the wrong details in Step 7, you can provide us correct details here, such as, "double sided, thickest cardstock, cut to bleed"

Steps 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10

Step 6:

Now that everything has been uploaded, look at the Navigation Banner to see the products currently listed, hover over to find the product you are looking for - even if there is not a perfect match, you can proceed with the steps anyways. 

Step 7: (*)

Here you will tell QDP some information about your job(s), you will do this for each file. 

Step 8:

To continue to the next page, please press Continue

Step 9:

Here is another opportunity to upload files, perhaps you missed one initially? If you do not need to upload anything else, select the item pertaining to the details provided on the previous page. 

note: If you are nervous you may have provided the wrong details in Step 7, you can provide us correct details here, such as, "double sided, thickest cardstock, cut to bleed"

You can repeat Steps 7 though 9 as many times, each job will appear in your cart, the cart being your full order. 

Change your mind and do not want to upload another job? Click the cart in the upper right corner to proceed to Step 11. 

Step 10: 

To continue to the Billing Info, please press Continue

(*) Example: 

Customer B has 4 total jobs to print, all under one Order Number. If the customer wants an accurate estimate, they will have to fill out this form 4 times, then matching the selected info with the correct file in Step 9

In the future, Customer B is in a rush and is not concerned about the price, they can select details that pertain to more than one file. Files Triangle, Circle and Square will be single sided, so Customer B fills out the job details and then attaches the three files to this job in Step 9. 

Customer B would spend less time putting in details if multiple files will have the same specs, i.e. double sided + stapled in the corner. Instead of filling the Job Specs. four times, it would instead be twice, as the three files in Job 1 are double sided, but the file in Job 2 is single sided

Steps 11 + 12

Step 11: 

This page is still a work in progress so we ask clients not to put in your card information for a couple reasons:

(1) There are internal difficulties with service provider and it would be a waste of your time

(2) What if Customer E would like their cards printed on default cardstock but accidentally selects the premium - Customer E would be overcharged and then QDP would later have to refund/ credit their account. 

When the card processor finally works, QDP will send a notification for Payment Request, but this will be after QDP has reviwed the job specs and files, and making any adjustments if needed, such as switching Customer E's paper selection to default than premium

Step 12:

When you've filled out the required information, not fully pictured, you will click Continue on the bottom right of the site. 

Step 13

Step 13:

Here you will look over the details of your job, you should see the information you selected in your job specs, Step 7. 

If you notice you've made an error, utilize the Go Back button to make any changes. 

Change your mind completely? You can select cancel as well. 

However, when you are ready to place your order, containting your job(s), select Confirm Order in the lower, left area. 

You should see a screen showing your Order Number and the jobs within, each job also with their job specs. Once you have made it to this screen, you are done and QDP has your job details and file(s). 

  1. EVENTUALLY, you should be able
    1. pay for orders through the site
    2. easily reorder previous jobs