B&W Prints

This product is great for basic printing. 

What is the difference between collated and uncollated?

Uncollated means you have a job that does not require pages in a specific order, such as 100 single sided b/w flyers, therefore collated means the job must be kept in order, page one, two, etc. If you do not need collation, please check our B&W Uncollated product. 

Recommended for the following:

  • Manuscripts/ Drafts
  • Emails
  • Boarding Passes
  • Online Articles, etc.

Anything you would like printed in black and white, we more than likely can assist with. 

Please be sure to mention the following, if necessary:

  • Single or Double sided printing
  • Binding, either stapled in the corner or with a spiral
  • If you would like certain pages, such as the front and back cover, to be on thicker stocks, then bound. 

Binding letter size (8.5 x 11) is no issue but if you need tabloid (11 x 17) sheets bound, such as arcitectual maps, depending on the thickness of the spiral needed, we may ask additional questions to ensure we get you what you want. If this is what you are looking for, bound tabloid sheets, please be sure to specifiy where you would like the spiral to be, i.e. landscape prints, with the spiral along the left, short edge, to open like a book, or, landscape prints, with the spiral along the top, long edge, to open like a wall calendar. Also, please note we carry clear and vinyl covers occasionnally. If it is requested and we are out of the stock, we will adust the cost and let you know, so you are aware by the time the final product is in your hands. 

Hole punching is also another tricky detail for tabloid. The paper feeds through the machine via the shortest edge so the hole punching is only possible along the 11" edge from the machine. 

Please note our minimum is $1, so if you have 5 pages @ $.07 ea, the $.35 total will bump up to $1.00. 

If what you are looking for is not shown above, please utilize the, "add notes," feature when you upload your file. We can reveiw your request and make any adjustments and provide clarifications if needed. 

Job Specifications

  • Print Details

  • Bindery Details