Folded Card

Final size of the card is after it is folded. 

For example, Customer A wants their final card to be 5x7". 

  • Without bleed printing, the flat file submitted should be 10 x 7" because when folded it half it will be come 5x7".
  • With bleed printing, the flat file submitted should be 10.25 x 7.25" because there is a .125" bleed, then when folded and cut to size would finish at 5 x 7". 

Paper reccomendation:

  • If you are looking to write a message on the inside of your card but you would like the outside to be glossy, please select the Coated One Side option - the exterior will have a coated gloss but the interior will be matte, perfect to prevent smudginig. 

Price includes cutting, creasing and folding to final size. 

If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, please utilize the, "add notes," feature when uploading your file, we can adjust the estimate after review. 

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